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"Game-2" Director Oleg Galin, Ivan Shchegolev| all locations |

"Road to Berlin" Director Sergey Popov

"Alfa-Bank" promotional video |DPS support|

"Unforgivable part" |DPS support|

"The guardian" Director Karen Zakharov | all locations|

"Argentina" Director Sergei Krutin |all locations|

"Goon" Director Sergei Krutin | all locations |

"Sunny Bunny" Director Karineh Valiants | all locations |

"Reflection" Director Karen Zakharov | all locations |

"Civil marriage" Director Dean Turmanova | all locations| support DPS|

"Wife-time" Director of the Andrew Records |DPS support|

"I|Evengi|Ivan rudskoy" shooting a music video Director Morgan Weiss ( WEISS, Morgan), | all locations |

"Commercial line of cosmetics "Ansaligy"" Director Dan Fungi | all locations |

"The bonus" Director Valeria Gai Germanicus |DPS support|

"MOTHERWORT FORTE" commercial Director Oleg Galitsky | all locations |

"The diaries SHOW GIRLS" Director Alexander Chic | all locations |

The reality show "Diaries of Fatima Khadueva" Director Black Xenia | all locations |

"Ded Mazaev and Zaytsev" Director Sergei Krutin | all locations |

Sketch show "ONCE IN RUSSIA" film Director Roman Novikov |all locations |

Shooting a commercial "KIDS SAY..." for a pharmaceutical company "KRKA" Directed by kischik Elena |all locations|

The project "Hold your fire, baby!" Director Araik Hovhannisyan |all locations|

"Three Queens" Director Karineh Foliants| providing one of the locations|

"Man on call" Director Sergei Krutin | all locations |

"Orca" Director Ilya Maksimov|all employees of PPS,DPS| coordination of filming at night with local governments|

"Stairway to heaven" Director Konstantin Taran|providing DPS|


"Fathers" Director, Arsho Harutyunyan|all locations|

"Central television" NTV | all locations |

"Father and son" TV commercial for the company "Legrand" Director Ilya Abramov|all locations|

"MILK" Short film Director Daria Vlasova|all locations|

"One for all" sketch show Director Konstantin Statskiy|all locations-apartment|

Chop-2" Director Mikhail Soloviev|grant of locations on dosyam|

"Diary of a new Russian" Director of Flush Farshatova|all locations

"KIA SPORTAGE" promotional video |Director Marat Adelshin |all locations|

"Scrooge-the even way" music video ,cinematographer Andrew Kruzov |all locations|

"ALL ABOUT MEN" Director Michael Garnevski|all locations-trains and wagons|

TITAN CINEMA PRODUCTION | promotional video | recruitment location- brick and mortar hardware STORE+STAINED glass WINDOW| Directed by Gregory iwaniec

Maxigra |promotional video| Director Murad Nogmov|grant of location |House in the Palace style with contemporary design/

"Stepmom" Director A. Aravin|all locations | apartment in city tower St. Petersburg

"Drug zistan" promotional video | all locations | cottage in the style of hi-tech | Duck Soup production

"Something is wrong with the parents" Director Tatyana Captain, cinematographer Alexander Tutunov | support DPS

"Civil marriage" Director Turmanova Dean, Director of photography, mark Sanelson | support of traffic police, PPS

The project "99 percent" Director Stepan Korshunov, Director of photography Karen Maranasan | grant of location | apartment-loft creative person


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