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About us

And you know how to determine the extent to which the film interesting? There are three basic ways.

The first way, a classic is to listen to critics. Film critics so much that this profession runs the risk of soon becoming so popular as a blogger (Yes, blogger is now a profession, oddly enough). So, everyone who more or less versed in the areas of cinema and can appreciate movies a little more detail and detailed than "well, I don't like" and "it was super super awesome!", can become a film critic. Even if one reads the text. However, critics, real and not, quite a lot, sometimes they don't converge in their views about the film (as they say, so many critics have many opinions), there is a logical question – who to believe? To go still to see this film or not worth it? Then you can resort to the second method.

The second way (for those who've forgotten, we talk about the ways how to identify an interesting film or not) was the easiest. Ask the impression of those who already went to this movie. You can ask your friends, although they can act as critics – that is, to tell a completely different opinion, and you don't get an answer to your question. You can still watch the people who come out of the cinema with we are interested in a session. A careful study of the faces of people who saw the movie can tell you how it was interesting or boring. But!

Be careful!

Again might be situations as with critics.And there is a third way. Take a look at the basket of popcorn from the audience leaving the hall. If it's empty – so the film was not very interesting, if while watching all had time to eat. Because on a really interesting film, we forget about the popcorn, burgers and soda, and fascinated looking at the screen, breathless and afraid to miss important details in the story. And all around too, not crunch your snacks, because due to the chomping and crunching can be something not to hear.

Really good film consists of good acting, skilled work of the crew and properly sized location.

Of course, everything is always possible to finish on the computer, edit, add, or cut. But because of all these changes, digital film lost its atmosphere and soul. The more real the situation, where was shot the scene, the more the emotions of each spectator.

How to choose the right place for shooting? Find it using "LOCATIONFILMS". We are a bit similar to the FSB – we have a gorgeous, daily updated database of real estate objects and natural places. But we don't just bring the crew to the place of shootings, and then munching on homemade sandwiches with milk. "LOCATIONFILMS" helps to organize the filming process, it ensures convenience and the realization of all that becomes necessary crew.

"LOCATIONFILMSprovides original, classic, interesting, themed locations, premises, apartments, houses, real estate only by agreement with the owners for movies, clips, kinoserialov, promotional videos in Moscow and Moscow region. Email us a rough story or screenplay, even an idea or concept, and in any case we will select suitable and even exclusive objects for shooting tailored to Your wishes. It may even happen that by this architectural object you pass every day past, and it is perfect for filming. This and many other questions will tell and show you "LOCATIONFILMS".

Call our experts now: +7(926)100-14-41!

To remove the product easily–"LOCATIONFILMS"!

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