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Ports and marinas

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Ports and marinas for shooting movie

Порты и причалы для съемки кино

"The sea, the sea – bottomless world!" - how many songs are composed on the sea, as many books written describing the element of water. It can be gentle and formidable, and sometimes even destructive. But it's hard not to love. Otherwise not have tried such a huge number of people to the resorts, it is a warm and gentle sea. There are, of course, and indifferent to his people, but there are very few. We should not forget about the benefits of bathing in sea water, so it is not only pleasant but also useful. You can, of course, it's nice to relax on the shores of our great Russian rivers and lakes, tents, fishing, campfires – romance! Is a completely different experience than at a seaside resort, in its own way magical. And indeed the waters, in addition, that the sources of nice and useful emotions, are also sources of water and transportation routes. To be able to perform the latter functions, they build marinas and ports. And since the reservoirs play an important role in the life of mankind, at least of great importance and built on them ports and marinas. That is why movies such locations play an important role, many scenes removed using water objects for filming. In addition, the water surface looks very nice in the frame and adds color to the picture. But different ports and marinas look different. How to choose a suitable option for future films?

You can certainly look for it yourself, looking in each and evaluating how it fits the character conceived by Director scenes, and you can easily do is to contact LOCATIONFILМ, where there is everything you need: from the premise to some props that can be fundamentally important for this location.

You may need a variety of facilities for filming: the rooms and offices, Parking, apartments, buildings, outdoor facilities, fitness centers, beauty salons, various spaces and studios, gyms, stadiums, Yes, anything, even garages. You do not need to look for locations for filming the movie completely independently, it is only necessary to draw up a list of criteria objects, such as: ceiling height, illumination, area, layout, props needed, and so forth, all that You need. And from then on it works LOCATIONFILM. We will help you find the option that will meet Your requirements and will be an integral part of the future picture. To help You find the best suited to Your needs the location for the movie – our work!

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