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- Lena! See you on the news! You're a star!

On the TV screen is the morning news story, the lead gravely and harsh voice talks about the situations on the road, that many pits, and the drivers have to be extremely careful while driving their cars. And in the background, where, in addition to the ill-fated part of the carriageway, is visible part of the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road do she paces, cheerfully waving his bag and rushing to work in the new boots on high heels. So our Elena accidentally fell into the frame and began micro-star at work and the subject of jokes among colleagues.

A star of the screen can be completely random, as in the first case, and specifically enrolling in the shoot mass, and then passing the casting selection and to obtain even an individual role.

Shooting – long creative process that requires careful selection of actors, props, and most importantly – locations. Because the effects is not the answer. Of course, you can remove virtually any video product on the start screen green background, and then put any background and have a lot of special effects, but perhaps in this case, will the atmosphere of the story and will it be quality acting?

To select the location of the shooting is an art. What if you live in the same apartment with original interior design with thus, fundamentally important to the plot view? What if you have friends, girlfriends, relatives, friends, acquaintances, friends of friends and friends of friends who have, for example, a pool in a Hawaiian butterfly or three-story garage, outside painted Khokhloma, and the inside – under Gzhel? Then your property also have the chance to be a star! And you, looking at the next film, will be able to casually see friends And have my house rented!".

"LOCATIONFILMS - Agency that selects locations for the shooting of films, TV series, videos, commercials. Absolutely any location, be it an apartment, a cottage, penthouse, pool, loft, roof, castle, restaurant, coffee shop, acting industrial plant, an abandoned factory, garage, farm, warehouse – will suit us all, where there is themed decor. The exterior is also important but is considered in the second turn. And most importantly – You must be the owner of the apartment. Not a son, not a neighbor, not a friend, but it is the owner of the property. This is very important. If the owner for some reason is not able to negotiate, we will need a written agreement.

Of course, if you want to glorify his Studio apartment, cool, but a small area, don't forget to negotiate with the neighbors about renting a couple of rooms. Indeed, in addition to places to shoot, the entire crew: Director, cameraman, lighting team and even the girl with a cracker and a boy with a microphone – all of them in the amount of at least 40 people should be a separate working space to be
elementary supply the equipment, arrange the props, to wash, to eat, to take off your shoes, stretch out full length, and sometimes sleep in between shots if shooting goes a long time. Total, we need at least 65-70 square meters of space.

If the location has a Parking lot – we will be very glad and also rejoice the crew so that they don't have to drag props with the equipment a few blocks from the bus to the location. If Your location is closer than 35 kilometers from Moscow, she has a better chance to get into the frame!

Each location participating in the filming, brings a monetary reward to the landowner. it is determined individually, depending on the rarity of the interior and the originality of the decor, and the nature of film: the film or a promotional video.

Interested? Call us! +7(926)100-14-41!

To remove the product easily–"LOCATIONFILMS"!

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