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The support of DPS

LOCATIONFILMS |locations for film production provides services

|Traffic police for filming|

|PPS support|

|Approval of filming with the authorities in the night|

|Parking spaces for film transport|

Traffic police for filming:

The crew of traffic police available to accompany the movie platforms, cranes, slab movement at the time of filming process |stunt scene| on a particular stretch of road.

Blocking roads is carried out only in the case of providing a film of a package of permits from the prefectural and city administrations.

The crew of the DPS will be presented at the appointed time only if less than 2 days to be agreed location filming, the time required to conduct the filming with the participation of the traffic police, the traffic route of the crew.

Conduct the filming with the participation of employees of traffic police on the sections of Federal motorways and special roads specified individually directly with the Customer for 4 days and also agreed the route of the police.

The most important criterion to complete the work of film crews at certain locations |facilities for filming | is the timely placement of contransport. LOCATIONFILMS has the ability to provide Parking places under prohibitory traffic signs and lane for public transport in Moscow and MO.

PPP support.

Often to conduct filming in public areas administration film crews resorted to by employees of private security organizations |Choo| , which may not provide a full-time job and taking pictures in public places of mass gathering of people |parks, reservoirs, squares etc|.

LOCATIONFILMS promptly coordinates the conduct of filming with the administrations, prefectures and local authorities of the district or city and provides employees of the internal Ministry of internal Affairs |patrol| which in turn provide protection order as filming on the Playground and beyond.

Important | police not available to escort over-sized construction equipment. All the above services are strictly prepaid, after receiving the specification.

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