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The prop house

- Lena! Lena, where have you been! Us for the filming urgently need a raccoon! No, not a living. Plush. An increase of 2 meters. With a tail, and it is desirable that the legs were to the accordion. Too plush.

Marina, make a note to myself: next week, on Monday, we'll need a carriage, painted in a noble blue color, the roof is decorated with scrolls in Renaissance style and the carriage door is one that opens from right to left and not Vice versa. This is very important! And suit for the driver, male, 46 size.

- Vasyl, You have to help us. You from the supply Department? So implement our Department, please dozens of sandals, the most natural, for the flash mob. Write down the dimensions....

All of us very often in life are vital and necessary, unusual items, furniture, costumes for filming a fashion or commercials, movie series, drama or any other photo or video project, and also for any personal purposes. You can search for raccoon, sandals and generally anything through friends and acquaintances in the hope that the right thing there – and you can immediately go to "LOCATIONFILMS"! We promise:

1. to choose the right costumes, the right color and the right size for men, women or children in the right quantity – and give You suits at the right time;

2. find in our huge database of props need furniture or interior and exterior, whether it is a rare historical or modern thing.

If You are the owner of such a rare item and want to benefit and become well-known or elementary You have nowhere to store it – in this case "LOCATIONFILMS" to the rescue! Accepted for storage at a convenient for You time: clothes, furniture and props, which is of interest for filming or has historical value.

Call: +7(926)100-14-41! Who seeks will always find!

"LOCATIONFILMS" – we know exactly where is what You need. And help this find!

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