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Support students

LOCATIONFILMS offers students of Universities and schools of cinematography in the production of which are the thesis|student projects, as well as the production of short films, locations and prop house with a 10% discount on the services they provide.

The basic conditions of granting discounts on the selection of locations and prop house:

  • The rest of the cast up to 12 employees;
  • The number of transport crew to 2 (two) car;
  • Attracted to shoot a movie-video/audio/TV |recording/playback|, lighting and specialized equipment regulated by the number and type.
  • The duration of the shooting day should be no more than 10 hours + 1 hour to release the location of the equipment;
  • The student attracted the assistance the Agency provides a detailed description of the ad from the scenario|location| or reference locations,technical specifications |TOR| for the location , date and time of the beginning of filming by e-mail through the section "CONTACTS"
  • In the title or the closing credits thank "Thank you for your assistance in providing the locations team|LOCATIONFILMS|locations for film production"

When conducting the filming, the group undertakes to:

  • to perform adequate requirements agent |location Manager| LOCATIONFILMS, direct observations made by object |location|
  • to comply with safety standards and fire safety requirements.

In case of violation:

  • Conditions, the responsible person from film crews shall be liable and shall not use photo/video material obtained with participation LOCATIONFILMS| on demand.
  • Safety of Moscow city law No. 42 of July 12, 2002 "About observance of rest of citizens and silence at night in the city of Moscow" the responsible person from the filming of the group personally responsible to the authorities and has no claims to the Agency LOCATIONFILMS and to its employees.

In the event you agree to the terms of the Agency , the person shall be given the organization of the shooting process in the provided locations.

All questions regarding the discount You can read through the section "CONTACTS" or by completing the feedback form.

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